The Benefits of Time Tracking

Benefits of Time TrackingWe all have exactly the same amount of time every day, and one way to boost your personal effectiveness is to consider where your time goes each day at work. Whether you decide to keep track of your time using an online app, or something as simple as a piece of grid paper, try keeping a time log for at least a week.

To use a time log correctly, set a timer to remind you to write down what you are doing every 15 minutes while you’re at work. Then, at the end of each day review your time log. How many hours did you manage to invest in high-quality work? Did you have a couple of decent blocks of time where you are able to get important things done? Or, looking at your time log, did you find yourself stopping and starting and never getting any traction?


Time tracking needs when nobody cares for time management. These is no tolerance for wasting time for anybody. Visit and learn time management.

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