Do you have any of these four toxic people in your life?

How to avoid Toxic people in your life?

The 4 Toxic People in Your Life

The 4 Toxic People in Your Life


You know, life can be challenging enough at times without having to deal with difficult or toxic people at work or socially. In my own experience, four “difficult” personalities come to mind that can wreak havoc on your sanity, productivity and ability to do your best each day.


Have you met any of these people and are they currently in your life?


1. The Whingers


Whingers other people who are always complaining about anything and everything. Don’t get me wrong, all of us complain about things at some time or another, but whingers seem to have a special purpose and mission in life to put a negative spin on everything. Know any “Whingers”?


2. The Entitled Ones


People who feel entitled believe that everyone owes them something. The government owes them. The company owes them. You owe them! Rather than work hard to achieve success, people feel entitled to believe that success should be expected or at least handed to them on a silver platter.


They’re the people who tend to do the minimum amount of work, never put in
a little bit extra every day, and yet get upset when they don’t receive a bonus
or a pay rise. Anyone familiar come to mind?


3. The Negativists


Rather than see the glass half full, negativists always in the glass is half empty. When you ask them how the day is going, you’re bombarded with a litany of complaints about all the things that haven’t gone their way. These people are dream killers, although they would tell you they’re just realists.


4. The Egotists


No matter what you’ve achieved, an Egotist has done it better than you! Not only do they take pleasure in pointing out your (small) flaws and faults, they also tend to promote themselves and their abilities over yours.


Even though they might call you there friend, given an opportunity, they’ll quickly have a bit of fun at your expense. When you ask them to explain themselves, they’ll complain that you can’t take a joke or you’re too thin-skinned.


Removing toxic people from your life


Whether we like it or not, our working and personal lives are surrounded by others and while we can’t choose our family, we can choose how much time we spend with people – including our relatives, friends, and associates at work.


If you have someone in your life, you currently call a friend who is a whinger, entitled, negativist or egoist, maybe it’s time to find some other, more empowering friends. Just so you don’t upset these people completely, withdraw from their conversations and outings slowly so that over several months you’re spending less and less time communicating with them.


If they haven’t emailed you, leave their email sitting in your inbox. Don’t bother replying unless it’s work-related. Chances are, they’ll be so focused on themselves, they won’t even notice your slow but steady withdrawal from daily interactions and communication.


This year, making your goal to associate with more inspiring, uplifting and motivating friends and work colleagues. After all, you and I are generally the some of the five people we tend to associate with the most. Make those five people count!

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