Are Poor Sleeping Patterns an Early Warning of Alzheimers?

Early Warning of Alzheimers & Poor Sleeping PatternsEarly Warning of Alzheimers:

Although I usually write articles on the subjects of productivity and workplace effectiveness, I came across anything article recently, and I thought I would bring your attention about critical disease of alzheimers. The wonderful website Psyblog ran an article based on a study by Dr Barbara B. Bendlin that suggests poor sleep could be an early sign of Alzheimer’s in people who are otherwise healthy.

How bad sleeping habits effects and leads to Early Warning of Alzheimers?

In the post, it was suggested that scientists have found links between certain biological markers of Alzheimer’s and an individual’s sleep disturbances. Dr Barbara B. Bendlin, who led the study, said: “Previous evidence has shown that sleep may influence the development or progression of Alzheimer’s disease in various ways.” She is under say, “Disrupted sleep or lack of sleep may lead to amyloid plaque buildup because the brain’s clearance system kicks into action during sleep.”


If you’re interested in reading more you can find the complete article here:


“Our study looked not only for amyloid but for other biological markers in the spinal fluid as well.͟” The study was carried out on 101 people with an average age of 63.

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