How to Accept Criticisms from Your Manager or Senior Colleagues

I get the fact that nobody likes to receive criticism. This is especially true if you tried your best. However, if you’re ever going to grow and learn, then you need to be able to take criticism on the chin. In fact, sometimes the criticism will be harsher than you anticipated, or maybe even unwarranted. A sign of how you react next after your criticised is a good indication as to whether your full of self-esteem or your run by your ego.

If you’re normal reaction is to become hostile when someone give you feedback, this is usually a sign that your ego is taken over. that’s certainly not good from an emotional intelligence standpoint nor from a career standpoint. If you can keep your mouth shut, ask questions and listen to what is being said without becoming defensive or going on the attack, then you have a much better chance of being able to seek the advice you need to do your job better next time. Most colleagues and managers are more than willing to help you when they realise you might be struggling after you’ve received some criticism. they probably won’t if you don’t want to take their advice, or worst of all, go back on the attack and refute what they’re saying.