Managing Your Energy Not Just Your Time

Managing Your Energy

Jennifer Lee, the author of wonderful blog Artizen (also a great name for a blog) was recently writing on the need to balance the management of time with energy. For those who have been through any one of my time management training courses, you know that I’m also a great advocate of managing energy on a daily basis.


In her blog, Jennifer says the following, “I know that I don’t function well before 10 am, so I rarely book anything that requires me to sound coherent before then ;). Know when you’re most creative and productive, and manage your days accordingly.” I agree wholeheartedly with Jennifer that understanding your daily circadian rhythms is a critical aspect of getting things done.


If you’re a morning person, and you feel you have a high level of energy in the morning, and that’s the best time to do your most important work. However, there will be some of you reading this message who hates the mornings and are only “defrosting” at around 11 o’clock. That being the case, don’t start your day trying to do something significant, ease into it and then when you have more energy, start your most important work.

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