The 7 Pillars of Management


The 7 Pillars of Management

Australia’s leading 2-day management & leadership development program

“Example is not the main thing in influencing others, which is why management is doing things rightleadership is doing the right things.”

7 Pillars of ManagementDo you find yourself overloaded with so many things to do each day? How often do you feel stretched that there is never enough time to get everything done? If you answered yes, you’re not alone. Being able to manage your time well and feel in control of your daily tasks is essential if you want to manage your time and increase your productivity.

This half-day time management and personal productivity seminar is a must for busy people who want to gain greater control over their time and daily priorities at work.

During this training you’ll identify the major roadblocks to getting things done and pinpoint your personal time-wasters. At the end of this course, you’ll have the tools and skills to increase your concentration and daily focus by learning how to schedule your time more effectively, stay on task and keep your daily priorities top of mind, so you can feel in balance and be more effective and productive.

  • The difference between management and leadership.
  • What your organisation expects of its managers.
  • Create a 1 page business plan for your team using a score card.
  • How to increase your emotional intelligence.
  • Develop a career development plan for the years ahead.

Day 1

Pillar #1: Managing Expectations

  • What is the difference between management
    and leadership?
  • The 3 management perspectives
  • How do you skills compare to 24 best-practice
    management skills.

Pillar #2: Managing Results

  • What are you on the payroll to achieve this
    coming year?
  • An introduction to the personal balanced
    scorecard (and how you can apply the BSC
    to your team).
  • Creating a one-page business plan.

Pillar #3: Managing Yourself

  • How to effectively plan your day.
  • Prioritising your short-term tasks
    and long-term objectives.
  • Managing your energy and not
    just your time.
  • The power of time boxing and

Day 2

Pillar #4: Managing Your EQ

  • What emotional intelligence measures.
  • Understanding the behaviour and
    emotions connections.

Pillar #5: Managing Your Team

  • The team effectiveness inventory.
  • Becoming a connected manager.
  • How to raise the effectiveness of
    your team’s skills.

Pillar #6: Managing Delegation

  • Why you must delegate.
  • The 6 step delegation process.
  • Delegation conversations.

Pillar #7: Managing Career and Life Balance

  • Why you need more balance.
  • Mapping your “Life Wheel”.
  • How to have deeper daily experiences.
  • Creating a plan for managing your
    career for the years ahead.

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